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Editor's Favorites

One-line summaries of some of the editor's favorite stories:

  • A naked man's dangling appendages are attacked by his kitten when he stoops under the sink to fix the garbage disposal; the paramedics are summoned.
  • A preacher forgets to shut off his wireless microphone after a sermon and his congregation hears the sounds of his restroom visit.
  • A family travels all night in a motor home to get a good spot on the Rose Parade route, only to oversleep through the Parade the next day.
  • A man who pretended to be an advanced skier to get a date gets hooked by the bunny hill ski lift and dragged up the slope.
  • A man riding a San Francisco cable car mistakes an Asian tourist's hand for his wife's and bites it.
  • At the office, a business woman discovers a pair of her underwear had been clinging to her sweater all day.
  • A graduate student borrows some important research documents from his professor, only to leave them on top of his car and lose them in traffic.
  • The night before her wedding, a woman wrestles with an over-zealous EpiLady, which eventually chews a bald spot in her head.
  • A man towing his boat on a trailer watches in horror as the trailer detaches itself and passes his car on a freeway.
  • Man drops pager into toilet inside state-of-the-art bathroom. He races to get a towel, but as he returns to retrieve pager, toilet automatically flushes, taking pager down.
  • Motorist, with girlfriend in car, flips off honking driver behind him, but soon discovers the offending driver is father of his girlfriend simply saying hello.
  • Man is fed up with puddle under his washing machine and destroys the machine in a rage; turns out a leaky pipe caused the puddle.
  • Woman is pulled over with four other motorists for an illegal right turn, but cop lets her go. She backs up accidentally and runs over the cop's bike.
  • During a backyard party, host's dog kills a skunk and drops it in the middle of the buffet table.


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