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Copying the Recipe
Grow your business with funny stories that will engage customers.

Feeding the Crowds
Treat an audience to a sidesplitting speech or an unforgettable team-building event.

Flavors for Films
Access material on which you can base an entertaining short film.

Spilling Your Guts
Tell us about your foibles and reap rewards.




Feeding the Crowds

Let's say you're in charge of getting a speaker for a meeting or a leader for a team-building event. Sure, you could get one of those motivational types, but the message -- albeit somewhat customized -- is always the same: reach for stars, you can accomplish anything, yada, yada, yada.

Or you could seek out one of those out-to-pasture political leaders who'll milk you for astronomical fees while boring half of your audience members to the point of dousing themselves with gas and lighting a match.

And how about one of those egomaniacal business all-stars who spends more time talking about what he did than how he did it .

Shake things up a bit and book the author of Spilled Soup for your next corporate retreat, trade group meeting, commencement or just about any other event. Our theme is unique and has universal appeal: all of us flounder, but admitting we're human helps us to keep things in perspective and avoid getting caught up in our own self-importance.

Our engaging presentation combines dynamic but humble remarks with the recounting of select stories, audience participation and a small-group collaboration activity (if event is for team-building). Plus, we won't cost you an arm and a leg -­ more like a pinky and a toenail.

To check availability, contact us today: We look forward to getting you a lot of pats on the back from colleagues.

Broth and Stock
Find out how Spilled Soup was cooked up.

Soup du Jour
Read press releases and news media coverage.

Sharing Our Portions
Learn why 10% of net profits are devoted to promoting adoption.


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