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C'mon, Go Ahead and Laugh. Let It Go. is all about healthy self-deprecation. It offers an online book that celebrates our humanity -­ the fact that all of us, if otherwise intelligent, have occasion to bumble or to be bumbled upon. It presents hilarious stories and cartoons based on true reports from real people around the world, from all walks of life: doctors, teachers, cops, ministers, laborers, nurses, professors, executives, students, housewives, pizza delivery guys, secretaries and real estate agents. You name it. All of them are one with the fact that none of us is immune to miscues, so why not laugh about them instead of hiding them? If you simply take delight in witnessing the woes of others, that's okay, too. You've come to the right place. Access Spilled Soup today.


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Taste of Soup: One Presentation an Executive Wants to Forget

It's been said that the sea is no respecter of persons. What it means is that everyone's on an equal playing field in water. It doesn't treat a big business executive like Mike M. of Richmond, Virginia any differently than it would a fry cook.

Mike absorbed this wisdom while traveling on business. He uses the hotel pools to keep in shape on the road. And for a meeting in Florida, he stayed in a hotel with a doozy of a pool: tropical decor, water slides -- the works. "I couldn't wait to take a plunge," says Mike.

But when he popped open his suitcase, Mike discovered he had forgotten his trunks. And at 5'-5", it's tough to find trunks that fit pee-wee adults.

"I checked in the gift shop, but the selection was meager," recounts Mike. "Most of the trunks there would start just below my chest... [continued, next page]


Silence gripped the room when little Chuckie mispronounced Father Schmidt's name.

(based on an incident in the life of Jeff R. of Akron, Ohio.)

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Editor's Favorites

One-line summaries of some of the editor's favorite stories:

  • A naked man's dangling appendages are attacked by his kitten when he stoops under the sink to fix the garbage disposal; the paramedics are summoned.
  • A preacher forgets to shut off his wireless microphone after a sermon and his congregation hears the sounds of his restroom visit.
  • A family travels all night in a motor home to get a good spot on the Rose Parade route, only to oversleep through the Parade the next day.
  • A man who pretended to be an advanced skier to get a date gets hooked by the bunny hill ski lift and dragged up the slope.
  • A man riding a San Francisco cable car mistakes an Asian tourist's hand for his wife's and bites it.
  • At the office, a business woman discovers a pair of her underwear had been clinging to her sweater all day.

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