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Copying the Recipe
Grow your business with funny stories that will engage customers.

Feeding the Crowds
Treat an audience to a sidesplitting speech or an unforgettable team-building event.

Flavors for Films
Access material on which you can base an entertaining short film.

Spilling Your Guts
Tell us about your foibles and reap rewards.




Soup du Jour

When soup is spilled, people need to know about it -- for the mental stability of all humankind.

Sure, that's a grandiose mission. But let's face it: we take ourselves far too seriously. And if we don't learn to laugh -- rather than agonize -- about our foibles, we'll simply go nuts.

Sharing our Spilled Soup incidents lets us spill and split our guts at the same time. It's great group therapy.

So it's critical to spread the word about Spilled Soup. Here you'll find out how we're doing that, and learn how successful we've been.

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-George W. Bush: Hope for the Rest of Us Clods

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-For the Hard Luck Gazette, predecessor to

Associated Press

Arizona Republic

Long Beach Press Telegram

New Choices Magazine

The Osgood Files

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-Media Release

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Broth and Stock
Find out how Spilled Soup was cooked up.

Soup du Jour
Read press releases and news media coverage.

Sharing Our Portions
Learn why 10% of net profits are devoted to promoting adoption.


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