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GEORGE W. BUSH IS PROOF THAT WE CAN ALL BE HAPLESS CLODS AND STILL MUDDLE THROUGH LIFE asserts that his presidency is inspiration for bumblers everywhere

Trabuco Canyon, Calif. -- George W. Bush is living proof that despite one's gaffes or verbal miscues, it's possible to lead a full, productive life, as well as reach great heights, according to Ed Mauss, the author of Spilled Soup. Mauss, who also founded, believes Mr. Bush -- like anyone else claiming to be human -- suffers from bouts of carelessness and minor missteps (Iraq would qualify as major one, so it doesn't count here). And rather than lament the fact that the commander in chief isn't perfect, we should learn to laugh about his minor missteps -- and all of ours. offers an online book that celebrates our humanity. It features stories about people from all walks of life who've had brushes with bumbling. The site also provides vignettes that businesses can use to promote their products and services as well as opportunities for organizations to experience unforgettable team-building events. Site visitors are invited to share their foibles for a chance to turn misfortune into fortune via profit-sharing arrangements.

"Mr. Bush is an inspiration to those of us who step in the proverbial pile from time to time," says Mauss. "No matter how important we might be in the world, we're all shlemils or shlemazels at times, and he proves that this doesn't mean any one of us could not be president one day."

A self-described "misfortune magnet," Mauss admits he's often triggered his own mishaps. On a San Francisco cable car, he once mistook an Asian tourist's hand for his wife's -- and bit it.

But that's nothing compared to stories Mauss chronicled in the Hard Luck Gazette, a newsletter he published for several years -- and the predecessor to He's heard from people such as:

  • •the pastor whose wireless microphone broadcast his restroom visit to the congregation;
  • a family that traveled all night in a motor home to get a good spot on the Rose Parade route, only to oversleep through the Parade the next day;
  • the business woman who discovered a pair of her underwear had been clinging to her sweater all day;
  • the speeding woman who backed over a cop's cycle just as she got off with a warning;
  • the party host whose dog killed a skunk and dropped it in the middle of the buffet table;
  • and many more featured in the online book.

Mauss notes, however, that there are those who suffer serious misfortune by no choice of their own. That's why he gives 10 percent of any net profits from his SpilledSoup venture to a very worthy children's cause .


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