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Copying the Recipe: Sample 1

The Surf's Up -- His Nose

Like many surfers, the only drag to catching a wave for Robert M. of Laguna Hills, Calif., is saltwater buildup in his sinuses. He never knows when a bit of the Pacific is going to drain out through his nose.

The dam broke for Robert at work -- not a big deal unless you happen to have Robert’s job -- waiting tables at a gourmet restaurant. A steady stream tumbled from his schnoz into the dinner salad of a high-society customer.

The only tip Robert got that evening was from his boss, who kindly counseled him to start looking for a new job the next day.


Everyone commits minor miscues like this and we laugh about them later. But for the serious misfortune in our lives, there’s XYZ Insurance.


I can't help you in situations like this, but I will provide you with high-quality products and excellent service. Contact me today.

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