Table of Contents


All in a Day's Work

Creatures of Discomfort

Family Matters

For Better But Likely Worse

Holy Havoc

Romantic Misadventures

Rough Roads

Stumbling Seniors

To Your Health

Tripping Out

•Sicknening Spectacle
•Plane Misunderstanding
•Executive Presentation
•Driven Crazy



Tripping Out


We all know what happens to the best laid plans. Has anyone ever taken a trip that has gone according to the itinerary? Has every activity or event gone off without a hitch?

What do we expect? When we travel, we're out of our element, our comfort zones. We're like rabbits, let loose among coyotes -- easy prey for the beast of fate.

It's natural to get frustrated or angry when things don't go as imagined, but why not accept reality, be one with it, and take it in good humor. That's what we've done with the stories in this chapter. They remind us to roll with the punches -- and always have a backup plan.

Sickening Spectacle

Plane Misunderstanding

Executive on Display

Driven Crazy