Table of Contents


All in a Day's Work

Creatures of Discomfort

Family Matters

•Pits of Sitter Hell
•Dad's Greatest Fan
•Grandpa's Olympic Style
•Picture Worth $1000
•Protecting Family Valuables

For Better But Likely Worse

Holy Havoc

Romantic Misadventures

Rough Roads

Stumbling Seniors

To Your Health

Tripping Out



Family Matters


Someone once said that every family is like a mafia to a certain degree: Loyalty runs deep, and you put up with a lot of hassle -- even if it kills you. No one dies in the stories featured in this chapter, but there are a few bumps, bruises and damaged property. But what can you do? Family: Can't live with 'em, can't cut their brake lines and make it look like an accident.

Pits of Sitter Hell

Dad's Greatest Fan

Grandpa's Olympic Style

A Picture worth a Thousand Bucks

Protecting the Family Valuables