Table of Contents


All in a Day's Work

Creatures of Discomfort

Family Matters

For Better But Likely Worse

Holy Havoc

•It Runneth Over
•No Last Respects
•Air Command
•Maid of Dishonor
•Church Bizarre

Romantic Misadventures

Rough Roads

Stumbling Seniors

To Your Health

Tripping Out



Holy Havoc


Let's face it. Folks take the decorum of church and religion way too seriously. And ironically, it's the backdrop of the decorum that makes blunders -- when they occur -- all the more hilarious. C'mon, God has a great sense of humor. Think about baldness, the Sharpei dog breed and most of the state of Nevada.

For those who recognize that becoming more like God means a few missteps along the way, these stories will have some appeal. As far as everyone else goes, we'll pray for you.

It Runneth Over

No Last Respects

Air Command Performance

Maid of Dishonor

The Church Bizarre