Table of Contents


All in a Day's Work

Creatures of Discomfort

Family Matters

For Better But Likely Worse

Holy Havoc

Romantic Misadventures

Rough Roads

Stumbling Seniors

•Life Sucks for Bird
•Flushed With Embarrassment
•Attracting Flies

To Your Health

Tripping Out



Stumbling Seniors


The Golden Years. One of the enduring euphemisms for the period of life during which one gets old, forgetful, slow and clumsy. Yet another euphemism for missteps that occur during this period: senior moments. That's a kind way to characterize the stories in this chapter.

Yet seniors don't agonize over these missteps as much as younger folks. They've gained perspective -- learned to laugh at the small stuff. Maybe that's why the subjects of these stories happily shared their follies.

Life Really Sucks for Bird

Flushed with Embarrassment

Attracting Flies