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All in a Day's Work

Creatures of Discomfort

Family Matters

For Better But Likely Worse

•Fondness for Dumplings
•When Push Comes to Shave
•Handout in S.F.
•Ball & Chain of Events

Holy Havoc

Romantic Misadventures

Rough Roads

Stumbling Seniors

To Your Health

Tripping Out



For Better But Likely Worse


There's at least one sociologist who believes that the incidence of marriage would drop dramatically if men and women weren't allowed to consider it until they had reached their mid 30s. At that stage in one's life, the hormones lose some of their punch and more rational thought takes over. We could step back and more objectively evaluate the proposition: spending the rest of your mortal days with the same person, sharing everything you own with someone who doesn't always deserve it, and eating crow regularly. And that doesn't even take into account the potential for idiosyncrasies you discover after taking your vows, like your spouse's habit of leaving half-consumed glasses of Diet Coke around the house.

Yet most of us are duped at a younger, more vulnerable time in our lives, falling prey to the romantic illusions drummed into our heads by society -- including old aunt Mabel, who, truth be known, yearns for everyone to as miserable as she is after 45 years with the same flatulent fool.

So for those of us who enroll in Matrimony University and decide to stay -- even though we never graduate -- these stories will help us just in case we've forgotten that caveat: Or for worse.

A Fondness for Dumplings

When Push Comes to Shave

Looking for a Handout in San Francisco

A Ball and Chain of Events